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Top Interior Design Trends for 2018

  1. Bold Colors – Rich jewel tones for walls, molding and furniture. Keep an eye out for “Gen Z Yellow” which is hot this year.
  2. Florals – Not your 1980’s florals but bold, graphic florals in high contrast colors.
  3. Mixing Metallics and Other Textures – Don’t be afraid to mix copper, chrome, natural stones and matte black which is also trending this year.
  4. Concrete Accents – Not just for counter-tops…designers are using it for wall coverings, tile, accessories  and counter-tops.
  5. Light and Textured Wood Floors – Flooring trends are moving away from rich cherry and walnut red-tones into the lighter and more natural tones of maple, pine and hickory.
  6. Dedicated Chopping and Baking Stations – People are gravitating towards this lower counter-top for chopping, rolling and more strenuous repetitive motions.
  7. Dining Tables in Kitchens – Many families are moving away from the large center island and replacing it with a traditional dining table more suitable for intimate family meals.
  8. Vintage Lighting – Both practical and artsy, vintage fixtures give any room some character.
  9. Tiles That Resemble Wallpaper – Tiles can take on many textures these days. Trending is the wallpaper-like tile that gives the illusion of texture but can easily be cleaned.
  10. Patterned Flooring – Designers are turning floors into statement pieces using herringbone, hexagon and checkered patterns. Pins for Terrazzo flooring were up 300% on Pinterest this year

For more interior design tips join us at our Real Estate Q & A on 2/1 (see previous post) and meet Lead Designer Bets Miller from Nest Inspired Home.

Bold colors on walls and furniture



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Save the Date! Real Estate Q&A hosted by Joan O’Meara & Team at Nest Inspired Home in downtown Rye. Thursday February 1st. Hope to see you there!

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We are about to experience our first “arctic blast” with highs temps of only 36F tomorrow.  This is a good time to prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming cold weather. Some tips from our homes to yours:

  • Clean Gutters & Downspouts
  • Turn Off Outside Water and Drain Lawn Irrigation System
  • Fix Leaks Around Doors and Windows
  • Add Insulation in Attic and/or Basement
  • Weatherstrip the House
  • Check & Clean Fireplace/Chimney
  • Get Furnace Serviced

This is a great time to get a Home Energy Audit for professional advice on keeping your home warm and keeping your heating bills down.

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Excerpts from the Executive Summary by President Chris Meyers and CEO Stephen Meyers…

Wait and see. Although the stock market and economy continued to improve through the end of Q3, something is affecting the confidence of home sellers in our area. This has resulted in the fewest homes for sale in the third quarter in more than a decade. With less choice, some home-buyers are also now waiting and seeing. This mixture of low supply and demand has caught up to us and pushed sales into the red for the first time this year across much of our market. That doesn’t mean however that homes aren’t trading. The lack of inventory is affecting pricing. Inventory in Westchester was down 5%… (however) the average sale price in Westchester was up .7% to $873,000. Well-priced homes in desirable areas are moving fast and at higher prices, testing the budgets and patience of first-time home buyers.

Homes will trade, however only where there is perceived value. Homeowners interested in selling need to price aggressively from the start or else risk languishing on the market. Putting that into perspective, homes sold in Westchester without a price reduction, sell on average in 55 days and at 99% of the list price vs. homes with at least one price reduction selling in 368 days and at 81% of the original list price.

The Outlook for the rest of 2017: The early fall market conditions are pointing to a chilly winter ahead. Depending which direction the proposed tax reform bill takes, it may be the catalyst needed to improve the outlook for the remainder of 2017 and early 2018. For now, we will have to wait and see.

To Read the Entire 3rd Quarter Market Report…Click Here.

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Considering Selling Your Home?
Low inventory across the country has been the real estate story since the start of 2017, and our area is not immune. Local buyers as well as those from NYC and surrounding areas are yearning to see more supply for their demand. You don’t know when an opportunity might present itself; therefore, it is certainly never too early to start prepping your home. Some of our suggestions to think about if a sale may be in your future:

  • Professional Exterior Photos: Exterior photos should be taken when the weather is nice. This avoids the risk, when listing last minute, of having to take photos in the middle of winter when trees are bare and snow is on the ground. We recommend taking exterior photos anytime from late April to October. Keep in mind that photos are the first impression when buyers looking online!  Joan O’Meara and Team offer complimentary professional photography and it isn’t too late in the year to book now…email us today at jomeara@houlihanlawrence.com to discuss photographing the exterior of your home.
  • Have a Plan/Punch List:
    • Discuss remodel/improvements with a stager and/or experienced agent to confirm return on those investments. Our team works with a number of stagers we are happy to recommend.
    • Declutter
  • Prepare for Inspections:
    • Have utilities serviced
    • Check for leaks
    • Schedule an energy audit
  • Get Informed:
    • Work with a knowledgeable agent to stay up-to-date on housing market and trends.
    • Ask an agent to set you up for automatic local market email updates such as the one below. You won’t miss a new listing!

Joan and team are available to work with you to assure a smooth and successful listing process whenever you might be ready.


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Fall Landscaping Checklist

It finally feels like fall today and as I look out my window I am reminded that it is time to start prepping my lawns and garden beds for the cooler weather. Whether you are a DIY or prefer to hire outside help, remember to make sure you do the following so your property looks its best next spring:

  • Aerate the Lawn
  • Feed the Grass (seed and fertilize)
  • Mow the Lawn (shorter is better in the fall)
  • Collect Leaves
  • Plant New Shrubs and Evergreens
  • Trim Dead Limbs and Cut Back Perennials
  • Mulch Young Plants

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale this spring…it is never too early to start prepping and preparing both inside and out. We would love to share our knowledge with you. Contact us today at jomeara@houlihanlawrence.com for a complimentary home evaluation.

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